IT Talents | Paperback, Shipped
IT Talents | Paperback, Shipped
IT Talents | Paperback, Shipped
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IT Talents | Paperback, Shipped

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Attention: Recruiters, TA Specialists, HR Managers, Talent Hunters, IT Managers, Sales Managers, And Recruitment Agencies...

Do Very Few IT Professionals Respond To Your Messages... And You Wonder How To Recognize Who Is A Good Match To A Particular Position From The Very Limited Information Available On Their LinkedIn Profiles?

No worries! We're uncovering a new recruitment strategy that very few recruiters know about... yet it has the ability to attract IT candidates so that YOU can recruit them with confidence!

What Is The "IT Talents" Book?

This is NOT another theoretical "recruitment" book.

This is NOT a technical book "just for geeks."

This is NOT a boring book with lots of veeery long lines.

IT Talents Is Your SHORTCUT

This is certainly not an academic book... but instead, it's your practical, hands-on shortcut to recruiting more IT talents.

This book IS about how everyone without prior IT experience can source, recruit, match, and attract IT candidates.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the low response of IT candidates... This is the book you’ve been looking for!

When You Get This Proven Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover...

Inside the "IT Talents" book I'm sharing with you 17 secrets to help you thrive in IT recruitment and grow your company.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside of your copy of this new book:

Section #1: Modern IT Recruitment

  • The Four Questions You Should Ask To Attract Your Most Desired IT Candidates!
  • The Key To Becoming A Partner To CTOs & Hiring Managers Which Very Few Recruiters Know About.
  • How To "Sell" Your Vacancies To Candidates So They Cannot Resist The Temptation To Submit Their CV.
  • ​The Six Software Developer Personas EVERY Recruiter In IT Should Know About!
  • ​Why Sending Hundreds Of Messages Or InMails To IT Professionals Only Leads To Frustration And Burnout In The Long Run.
  • ​The Seven Areas You MUST Include In Every Job Promotion.
  • ​The Key To Reaching Your Candidates Where They Are Already Hanging Out, Whenever You Want!
  • ​The Simple Video SCRIPT That Brings Excited IT Candidates To Your Doorstep.

Section #2: Essential IT Terminology

  • What Are The MUST-KNOW Acronyms Every Recruiter And HR Specialist Dealing With IT Job Descriptions Needs To Know!
  • What's The Easiest Way To Differentiate Java & JavaScript Web Developers.
  • The Secret Tactic That Helps To Recognize Software FRAMEWORKS That IT Professionals Use At Work!
  • ​The Difference Between Frontend And Backend Programming Languages And Most Popular Software Frameworks.
  • ​What Are The 52 Most Common IT Roles And How To Structure Them Into Just A Few Categories!

Section #3: IT Talent Acquisition In Practice

  • How To Write ONE Compelling Sentence In A Job Ad That Will Be SO Intriguing To IT Talents They Couldn't Refuse Checking Your Job Description!
  • The Simple SCRIPT To Introduce Yourself As A Professional IT Recruitment Consultant With Added Credibility.
  • How To Mention The Most Important Aspects Of A Job Offer In Only Three Lines In The Social Media Posts!
  • ​The Detailed Breakdown Of My Ideal Job Ad That Got Me Leads In No-time And Allowed To Fill In A Vacancy In Only A Few Days!

This Book Will Guide You Step-by-Step... Like Hundreds Of Other Recruiters Who Have Struggled To Fill IT Positions

Maybe you've noticed that IT professionals can quickly recognize whether you know anything about the IT role and technologies mentioned in a job description...

And they naturally prefer interacting with HR specialists who can answer basic questions!

But don't worry, we've got you covered!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Purchase with confidence... it's risk-free!

If you don't like the booklet or if you don't see any positive change in how you recruit IT talents or if you are unhappy for any other reason, get your money back. Just send an email to and our colleagues will refund your payment. No question asked 30-day refund guaranteed!

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