IT Recruiter Mind Maps | eBook
IT Recruiter Mind Maps | eBook
IT Recruiter Mind Maps | eBook
IT Recruiter Mind Maps | eBook
IT Recruiter Mind Maps | eBook
IT Recruiter Mind Maps | eBook
IT Recruiter Mind Maps | eBook
IT Recruiter Mind Maps | eBook

IT Recruiter Mind Maps | eBook

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If You Fill IT Positions And You'd You Like To See All Of The Essential IT-related Terms Such As Languages, Frameworks, Methods, And Acronyms in one place...

So you can structure your thoughts and easily identify your knowledge gaps, we've got something special for you!

Get this downloadable, ready-to-print PDF with 25 high-quality mind maps, and keep these proven Mind Maps on your desk to quickly lookup programming languages, frameworks, and technologies relevant to IT roles and candidates you are interacting with!

    What's Inside?

    • Must-know IT Terms... page 4
    • ​IT Acronyms From JDs And CVs... page 5
    • ​IT Roles Categorization... page 6
    • ​Detailed Overview Of IT Roles... page 7
    • ​Software Development Lifecycle... page 8
    • ​Software Development Landscape... page 9
    • ​Software Development Key IT Skills... page 10
    • ​Web Development... page 11
    • ​HTML, CSS, XML... page 12
    • ​Programming Languages & Frameworks... page 13
    • ​Software Development with JavaScript... page 14
    • ​Software Development with Java... page 15
    • ​Software Development with C# .NET... page 16
    • ​Software Development with PHP... page 17
    • ​Deep-dive: DevOps... page 18
    • ​Deep-dive: Databases & Data Roles... page 19
    • ​Cloud Computing Overview... page 20
    • ​Azure Cloud... page 21
    • ​What are the Software Developers interested in?... page 22
    • ​Developer Personas... page 23
    • ​Company Stereotypes... page 23

    Look inside...

    Popular Among HR Specialists

    Recruiter's we've trained in 2019-2021 loved the mind maps during our training sessions. Wanna get them, too?

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. What should I expect from these mind maps?

    We've seen recruiters use our mind maps during the training to get a high-level overview of the IT landscape. We provide additional materials that help you digest the topics, such as Recruiter's Guide To Confident Small-Talk.

    2. I don't intend to code, is that OK?

    We don't teach recruiters any programming skills. The purpose of our training (and these mind maps) is to teach how to interact with IT folks, how to speak to software developers with confidence, and generally to understand the technologies they work with. As a result, the recruiters who go through our program can source, recruit, and fill in more IT positions.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    Purchase with confidence... it's risk-free!

    If you don't like the mind maps or if you don't see any positive change in how you recruit IT talents or if you are unhappy for any other reason, get your money back. Just send an email to and our colleagues will refund your payment. No question asked 30-day refund guaranteed!

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