Refer A Friend Bonus - Terms & Conditions

We at Geek Recruiters and Global Talents Hub greatly value personal recommendations so we offer a "Referral Bonus" 500 EUR for recommendations that result in a successful placement to recognize and reward effective recommendations and referrals.

The following terms and conditions apply and are accepted by anyone participating in the scheme or referring potential applicants to GTH:

1. Individuals are not eligible to refer themselves, and thus do not qualify for a referral Bonus in this instance.

2. All candidate referrals and proof of referral must be submitted via the dedicated form at prior to or at the time of the initial application to the GTH. Referrals cannot be accepted retroactively.

3. Only recommendations that result in permanent employment or a part-time freelance agreement for the referred potential Candidate will be eligible for the bonus.

4. The offer is not open to a referred candidate who is already known to and/or registered with the GTH.

5. The person referring must obtain prior consent from the potential candidate before referring them to us and the potential candidate must be aware that they are being referred to the GTH.

6. The referral bonus is paid within one month of the:
      A: Placement taking place (contact signed by both parties)
      B: Any guarantee period agreed with the client/employer for permanent                placements has subsided (standard guarantee 90 days after contact                    signature). No bonus is payable if the employment is terminated for any              reason during the guarantee period.

7. The bonus is paid as a gross payment and will be paid by bank transfer.

8. The recipient accepts any tax liability and agrees to pay any tax arising from receiving the bonus payment.

9. There are no limits to the number of referrals that can be made

10. The Global Talents Hub shall not be liable for any losses or damages that may result from entering the "Refer a Friend" scheme.

11. All information received by the GTH is taken in good faith and on the understanding from the person referring that they are authorized to pass on the information which will be free from any intellectual property claims.

12. The referral scheme is open until December 2022.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to