Recruitment Video

How to attract developers on social media

Do you struggle to attract and recruit developers?

Software engineers like working for employers that stand out. They love working for companies with a unique culture, exciting team, and innovative technology.

That's difficult to showcase in regular #oldschool job descriptions.

Hence, we can help you communicate your strengths to developers and position as an attractive, exciting and tech-savvy employer.

Our recruitment video at HotelQuickly helped us attract and relocate developers from all over the world. We've used it in all our job descriptions and recruitment materials. Every candidate received it in an automated email which increased their engagement and conversions.

Michal Juhas, ex-CTO at HotelQuickly

Recruitment video for Boataround

We've produced a recruitment video for a fast-growing startup Boataround.

Developers can learn about their management team, company culture, technologies, and work environment.


I love it! The video presents our company culture in the right light. Very well done! We haven't used any recruitment video in the past — this is going to be a game changer.

Jana Escher, Co-founder at Boataround

How does it work?

We visit your office for 2-3 hours and record interviews with your team.

Your new video can be Live on social media in less than a week.

Afterward, you can promote the video in all recruiting materials which increases response rate and engagement of your job applicants.

Would you like us to create such a video for you?

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