IT Staffing

Do you struggle to hire and retain software developers?

We can help you improve your SW development workflow and build a great engineering team.

The best developers are working for your competitors. Why?

Reason #1: You do not position your company as an interesting, exciting tech-savvy employer

Developers like working for employers that stand out. They like working in companies driven by their mission.

We can help you improve your employer branding to get more  from developers.

Check out some of the recruitment videos we've created.

Reason #2: You do not promote your company at events enough

Developers like to join events and meetups where they can talk to employees and managers.

We can help you organize events for developers.

As a reference, check out a hackathon we've co-organized for 154 developers: 

Reason #3: You do not follow software development best practices

Developers like working with the latest technologies, frameworks, and languages.

We can help you review your tech stack and software development workflow to suggest space for improvements.

In the past, we've consulted and mentored tech leaders and business owners in Europe and Asia.

Today, we work with technical leaders around the world to help them build high-performing remote teams in our Facebook group Building Tech Teams - The Right Way.

Reason #4: You do not work with remote developers

Developers like working remotely. Either full-time or part-time at a home office.

To enable remote work, we help technical leaders adjust processes, development workflow, and performance management so that you can hire remote developers effectively.

We can help you find great developers willing to work for you remotely full-time or part-time, long-term or short-term.

Reason #5: You do not proactively reach out to passive developers

Today, a good developer has a good job already. Lots of developers are open to change, although they are not searching actively on job portals.

We help hiring managers, CTOs and tech leaders identify their potentially best employees and headhunt them proactively.

"Only 13.1% of developers are actively looking for a job.
 However, 75.2% of developers are interested in hearing about new job opportunities."

StackOverflow Dev Survey

Reason #6: You do not work with the right recruiters

Developers don't like talking to recruiters with poor technical knowledge.

Geek Recruiters are different. We have strong technical background and understand technologies. We hire with confidence.

IT Talent Sourcing

How do we operate?

Whenever you have a role to fill, we present within 20 business days 3-5 candidates that fit the position, your company and the team best.

  • The candidates are to be within your compensation range and genuinely interested in your opportunity.
  • The fee for a placed candidate is based on the candidate’s monthly base salary.
  • If you are not satisfied with the hire within first 3 months, we will find you another candidate that meets your criteria with no additional charge.
  • Non-solicitation clause - we will not poach any of your employees at least 1 year from each placement we do for your company.

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