About Us

Here at Geek Recruiters, we are a group of recruiters who are passionate about recruiting “geeks." In fact, I used to be one of the geeks in the past… 🤓 An IT consultant, web developer, tech lead, and then a CTO for five years.

While I was the CTO, I saw the clash between recruiters and IT directors first-hand.

I also hesitated to work with external recruiters because they knew very little about the IT roles I wanted them to recruit. Usually, they just forwarded CVs with very little added value.

And there’s also the clash between recruiters and SW developers...

So I've decided to fix this!

After I left the company which I have co-founded in Thailand—and after a little burnout that goes hand-in-hand with a fast-growing startup—I shifted my focus to recruitment and recruitment training.

Unsurprisingly, training recruiters in IT and IT recruitment has proved to be very rewarding. That's why I keep sharing my thoughts during Live training sessions and case studies like you are reading just now. Hope you'll join some of my other classes! :)

Anyway, after 15+ years in IT, I'm here to help you understand the whole IT world... so you can interact with IT candidates with confidence.

I've organized lots of seminars and webinars for fellow recruiters:

Have you noticed most recruiters struggle with IT terminology? It's actually not surprising.

But you know what? I struggle with the IT terminology, too! Even after 15 years of working FULL-TIME in IT as the consultant, developer, tech lead, and the CTO.

How's that even possible?!

Well, there're countless acronyms, shortcuts, abbreviations, programming languages, software frameworks, ...

And developers expect we, recruiters, know it all when we’re on a call.
I've noticed what a problem this can be when my colleague—otherwise an extroverted, loud American guy—couldn't speak with software developers who joined our meetups and hackathons.

Like this one below... It was the biggest weekend hackathon I have co-organized! A dream for a recruiter, right? ;)

However, my HR manager's confidence plummeted... which didn't help me recruit those developers who showed up.

Weeks later, I took him aside and started explaining some basic IT terms, programming languages, software frameworks, and I gave him a few questions he could ask those "scary" IT folks (#geeks).

It was great to see him start a discussion and make meaningful small-talk next time a software developer came for an interview.

And that's why I've created materials such as the Recruiter's Guide To Confident Small-talk With IT Candidates (PDF + videos).

And a lot more training materials to help fellow recruiters:

I have seen recruiters keep my booklet with 25 mind maps on their desks. Before a call with a hiring manager, they quickly look up some of the key IT terms… so they don’t like fools when someone asks about the programming languages or software frameworks they are already supposed to know.

I’m happy to report our alumni work in such cool companies like Accenture, Manpower, Experis, SAP, Kelly Services, Iventa, or REED.