New Joiner's Onboarding Bundle | eBooks

New Joiner's Onboarding Bundle | eBooks

Geek Recruiters
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Training Materials For IT Recruiters – Great for onboarding new colleagues.

Get a PDF with 25 high-quality mind maps that recruiters use to source and fill more IT positions.

Plus worksheets and manuals we have used during seminars:

  • IT Talents (ebook, PDF)
  • IT Recruiter Mind Maps (ebook, PDF)
  • Recruiter's Secret Guide To Confident Interviews (ebook, PDF)
  • Clear Job Requirements (ebook, PDF)
  • Recruitment Method Exposed (ebook, PDF)
  • Recruiter’s Cheat Sheet To IT Acronyms (ebook, PDF)
  • ​Worksheet IT Acronyms (ebook, PDF)

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