Why Have I Started Training For Recruiters?

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I had a chat with my wife the other day over a glass of wine about how this all started. We pondered the question of why am I training IT recruiters?

And I thought I would share this story with you, too.

It all started years ago. I remember there was lots of pressure on my shoulders in my previous company. I was a CTO, I was responsible for the product development, for engineering.

Our task list was just endless. Everyone in the company had so many different ideas which are usually great…

Unless you are the one who is supposed to implement it all, right? I was under lots of stress and I remember talking to our CFO in our favorite coffee shop just across the street from our offices.

I told him “Hey dude, we need more manpower we need more developers!”

So luckily, eventually he approved the budget for the first batch of developers.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t approved the budget for recruitment. No budget for commissions whatsoever. And I thought like How am I supposed to get all these people on board?

So he suggested I hire them myself because this is a startup and that’s what the cool startups do anyway! He even suggested I could use our internal HR… Hello! 💪🏻

That was one person back then. That was a really cool guy. He knew how to hire customer service agents, how to interview top managers.

He was a very confident guy.

But - he struggled as soon as I asked him to help me hire software developers.

I even remember one weekend. Over the one weekend, we have co-organized a hackathon. Over 150 developers spent the whole weekend at our offices.

No alt text provided for this image Two days locked at the office! One would assume this to be a heaven for a recruiter, right? Heaven on Earth!

But not for this recruiter because he didn’t know what to ask those developers. He didn’t know anything about the technologies, about the projects they are working on. So it was quite cumbersome.

And I remember I wanted to build a great product team.

With the right developers, a great data engineering team, a QA team.

All that to help us build a great product team and a great PRODUCT eventually.

My co-founders expected me to lead these recruitment efforts. They expected me to hire developers. But this was in Asia!

You know, I have never been to Asia before. In Thailand, in Bangkok, so I was like… “How can I do this?”

I felt so insecure. I was worried if I can find the right people to join the product & engineering team. I was wondering if I can ever fulfill the KPIs related to recruitment. That was very frustrating experience!

Eventually, I’ve learned how to hire developers how to get them on board, how to relocate them from different countries, which was really cool but I almost burned out along the way. Because of all the pressure on my shoulders.

Around the time I was on-boarding these developers during one of our internal IT training I realized “Hey, I could train these topics to our HR manager and some other recruiters also.”

Not as advanced, obviously but still pretty much the same IT topics.

Just imagine how wonderful it is to have an HR manager who understands the technologies, who can speak the developer’s language, who is confident during our next hackathon or a meetup.

I was like wow, OK, I’ll try this with a colleague of mine.

And I started explaining some of these IT terms I gave him a few scripts, some topics, some questions to ask during the next interview.

And that’s been quite helpful. Along the way, I realized this is really challenging.

Because recruiters, in general, don’t come with an IT background. They have no prior IT experience most frequently. They are not tech-savvy.

So I had to find a way how to communicate some of these IT topics in an easy way. To use lots of real-world examples from my past experience.

I’m sure you guys have heard these jokes about recruiters who don’t know the difference between Java and JavaScript.

There are just so many different jokes out there. And I used to laugh on these jokes, too, some of them are funny.

But I’m not laughing anymore because I’ve realized it’s just the lack of exposure to this IT world. That’s the problem.

It’s not the recruiters! They have great soft skills, they know how to interview people, they know how to get them excited but it’s the lack of IT experience. It’s a lack of IT exposure.

Since I’m training recruiters in these IT fundamentals, IT terminology, I enjoy working with recruiters across different timezones, in different countries.

It’s been great fun! That’s a very rewarding experience.

That’s why I’m doing it, right?

We have set up this really cool training for recruiters in IT to learn not just about these terms or acronyms but how to use them.

How to use them in small talk. How to use them during a discussion with a developer. How to use these terms and the knowledge to interview and to hire developers successfully

To be eventually of great help to hiring managers.

This is the training we have been working on in the past. It’s been very helpful so far based on the feedback we’ve received.

And maybe at some point, if you need to learn more about IT. If you need to learn more about how to hire developers with the confidence you may want to join our training program.

The program Technical Fundamentals For Recruiters is a great starting point.

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