What You Didn't Know About The New IT Recruiter Toolkit?

We've been working hard in 2019 to create materials for recruiters who want to thrive in 2020. Just released!

The more recruiters we onboard to the confusing IT world, the more materials structure we need. That’s why we’ve created the Toolkit and this is how YOU can benefit from it.

This Toolkit helps you MAKE MONEY in the exploding IT market

As 2020 has come, IT market is experiencing more and more demand for IT talents. High commissions have become somewhat a standard and the fact that new technologies like cloud, security, AI, IoT, and more will only bring more of fresh demand every day! This strong market force drives commissions higher and higher and that’s where IT recruitment toolkit comes handy.

It matters because it includes modules that clearly highlight opportunities coming into IT recruitment in 2020. You can now literally follow these modules, step by step, and start attracting the right candidates immediately. Train yourself on how to take advantage of the IT market as an IT recruiter.

This toolkit trains you for the future of IT recruiting, not past

If you are reading this article, you might be considering if this toolkit is a profitable deal or not and why. And it all depends on how many more it talents you can expect to hire as a result of it. We see that IT recruitment is evolving and shifting towards marketing and sales.

Discussions with hiring managers point at drawbacks of traditional recruiting approaches - developers being annoyed by recruiters who send them irrelevant messages all over, all day, every day. We wonder ourselves, how it’s even possible it’s still happening?

These times are over, don’t even think of starting your recruiting career this way. It’s outdated like e.g. Windows XP. We’ve been working with recruiters for years and we’ve experienced what they struggle with and how they WASTE hours and hours on unproductive activities.

This toolkit is rolling out a totally new, yet prooved framework that can cut off many time-consuming tasks as a standard recruiter by automation. We show you what software to pick and train you how to use it to become a confident recruiter, ready for 2020 decade.

This toolkit is made for people without any technical background

No previous IT skills needed. The toolkit is like a language school for IT terminology to equip you with the vocabulary needed to have meaningful conversations with IT talents. We respect time your time as a learner and that’s why we put much emphasis on what content is relevant and selected. We do this by including only the content that makes a difference for IT recruiters.

One of the areas where recruiters often fail is having conversations with IT talents. We’ve seen it in almost every team of recruiters. It’s that simple - hiring a developer is impossible if you cannot get your message through. But what developers usually don’t tell you, is that they feel you lack the basic technical knowledge. In IT recruitment toolkit you can expect recruiter-friendly content, crafted around the modern hiring process and without being too technical.

Our typical students are IT recruiters typically with 1-3 years of experience

We work with professionals who have switched to IT recruiting recently or have already been around for 1-3 years. Experienced recruiters often ask whether there are enough useful and practical tips in the toolkit, as they might not see the value right away. This toolkit is going to help you sell more job offers to the right candidates. Imagine, that it would only help you hire 1 more candidate every month because they see you are a professional partner. How much value would that be for you?

The toolkit is co-created with students by CTOs

There are three personas - IT talents, CTO, and recruiters - training reflects everybody’s needs and is co-created with all of them cooperating on the IT recruiting market.

Us, creators, we have been working as CTOs and have seen so much inefficiency when working with recruiters. As a CTO, you must use agility when building for example startups (if you don’t know what agility is then…) for a simple reason - your clients are going to buy from you only you provide products valuable to them. Valuable enough to prove to them that if they exchange their money for your product, it’s a profit for them. That’s what has been on our mind since the beginning - to create an investment that’s worth it.

Both new and mainstream roles are explained inside

It’s not some coding training or anything like that. You are going to learn the best practices on how to recruit IT folks. IT roles can be confusing as they are very unique and there are many of them. But the increasing number of IT roles is rather an advantage ;-). We see it as one of the opportunities to focus on and you can now learn about it.

When it comes to explaining IT roles, we typically answer these questions: What responsibilities the role has, why this role exists, what technologies (frameworks, languages, terms) the role uses, specifics of the role and more.

With the IT Recruiter Toolkit, you can literally jump on the accelerating IT roles train without any stress or risk of failure. No more need to do the trial and error in IT recruitment.

Inside the toolkit - we have downloadable mind-maps, cheat-sheets, small-talk guides

Our learning materials make your learning friendly to go through, to remember and to use on the job. Printouts are perfect for your working table to both remind you about what’s important and to have them available whenever you need it. You can literally learn inside the online academy and have all the must-know knowledge next to your computer by hand.

It’s a complete solution for transitioning into IT recruitment

It has never been easier to transition into IT. Literally, because now you can start to understand what s going on, but that’s just the beginning. IT recruitment toolkit is an end-to-end training to become an outstanding recruiter in 3 months. And that already gives you an advantage compared to your peers.

Moreover, you can now transition into IT recruitment and literally have a better system in place than most of the recruiters out there. Shift now and use modern recruiting funnels (if you don’t know what’s that, don’t worry, we got you covered). Don’t slip and go to a standard (boring) job descriptions.

IT recruitment can be your new side job - all you need is here

Maybe you’ve heard that commissions are high in recruiting markets and it’s a good idea to start a career of a recruiter. We agree but in IT this is like 10 x more! We make it a structured process for you to start making lots of money as in IT recruiter, even on the side!

If you are now learning by yourself how to hire, you might feel the frustration when searching for materials online, reading outdated e-books and no reliable and proven paths to follow. We feel your frustration, especially, if IT talents don’t respond to your LinkedIn messages and that can be hard to make sense of, or just take a lot of time, money and effort to understand.

Start learning with the IT Recruiter Toolkit today to fast-forward your success-hire rates.

Here's what you can do next...

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