What questions do we hear most frequently?

Free trial? Shared account? Free content? Technical assessment? Watch Michal and Vlad answer some of your frequently asked questions.


Q: Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do offer a 1-day free trial for the Annual plan—which is 55% off.

Q: Can I share my account with colleagues?

Technically, you can. There’s no way for us to stop you from sharing your email and password, right? However, we strongly encourage you not to share your credentials.

And we are not saying this because we want to pull more money out of your pocket but mainly because your experience as a student will be subpar.

  • By default, you get all the notifications by email.
    • Who will get them if you share the account?
  • Individual lessons unlock sequentially, so you keep track of the progress.
    • How will you keep track of everyone’s progress if you share one account?
  • You can get the certificate at the end.
    • Only one of you can get the certificate. Who?
  • You can take quizzes to maximize your learning outcomes.
    • How will you organize this with a shared account?

To conclude, an individual account is not meant to be shared. If you need more accounts, we offer a team package. Please reach out, and we’ll set up team accounts with consolidated billing.

Q: Why the content is not free?

Because it’s unique, high-quality content. We create content tailored to recruiters. We interview developers and technical leaders.

As a result, we don’t have just a bunch of random videos, but a comprehensive training program that includes worksheets, quizzes, etc.

Research suggests that people, in general, have a different attitude towards content they pay for. They find time to study the materials purchased.

Oh, and we also engage technical leaders and senior developers as instructors. All of that to help you become the best technical recruiter in town. Do you really believe everything in the Geekruiter Academy should be free?

Q: Do you have tech people on board who provide a technical assessment of candidates?

Yes, this is a service we are about to kick-off.

Do you have a C# or Python developer whom you as a recruiter cannot assess? We can do this for you!

Some of the 50+ instructors at Geekruiter Academy are willing to help you assess your candidates: backend, full-stack, DevOps roles, etc.

Here's what you can do next...

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