What gets us excited at 5 AM?

How do you feel when you wake up at 5 AM in the morning?

Do you want to hit the snooze button (with a hammer)?

Or are you excited about the day ahead?

As a co-host of the Geekruiter Academy, I’m pumped-up for two reasons.

First, we have set up a new studio to record high-quality video content. It’s sooo much better than what we’ve used so far:

🔥 New video: How to hire DevOps engineers – join to watch it.

Second, we have received lots of positive feedback, comments, and overall vibe. That helps tremendously to get out of bed in the morning–with pleasure!

Just look at what some of you say about Geekruiter:

“Great initiative! I do realize the importance of being updated and knowledgeable in this field of recruiting. I’d love to be a part of it, contribute and refresh my concepts.”
—Asharma, recruiter

“The videos and content are very helpful. Thanks for the initiative. Appreciate!”
—Akshita, recruiter

“I am an IT recruiter professional working on 7+ years and hope this Academy will truly help me improve and enhance my skills to find the right candidate.”
—Savintha, recruiter

“I really enjoyed your short, daily tips and like the idea of bringing in developers to the table.”
—David, recruiter

“I do love the concept of Geekruiter because I do agree tech recruiters do not have enough knowledge when they communicate with engineers and they should study more, but they usually don’t. They just push push push but never learn, and engineers are tired of being forced by these recruiters.”
—Yusuke, recruiter

Thanks for your encouragement, everyone! We seek to serve recruiters who want to learn and grow professionally—just like you!

Here's what you can do next...

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