What do Deutsche Bank layoffs mean for recruiters?

Deutsche Bank has announced it’s about to lay off 18,000 workers.

Industries change. Roles change. Expectations elevate. IT accelerates everything. As an IT recruiter, you need to level up.

What does it mean for IT recruiters?

First, it’s not enough to be the biggest, oldest. Companies need to reinvent themselves, innovate. Same with recruiters: keep learning about IT, keep growing, embrace the change.

Second, industries change. IT impacts every single industry. Think Walmart, the retail giant. They are hiring lots of software developers. More e-commerce, more automation, more IT; everywhere.

Third, roles change. Expectations elevate. Recruiters who just forward CVs here and there will soon be replaced by autonomous systems that can perform this task better.

I believe you as an IT recruiter need to level up. Become an end-to-end partner to CTOs and hiring managers. Talk to developers with confidence.

To achieve that level, you’d better understand technologies.

That’s why we at Geekruiter kick off the new training program.

It starts on July 9, 2019. You can still enroll. 👍

Learn what’s CI/CD, Scrum sprint, .NET Core? What’s the difference between a product manager vs. project manager? Business analyst vs. system analyst? UX vs. UI? Waterfall vs. Agile?

These are just 10 out of dozens of terms we cover during the 10-module training program.

Watch a video where I introduce the training.

Here's what you can do next...

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