Three Secret Ingredients To Recruiting Software Developers

Learn how to hire IT roles from those who know most about developers: CTOs and IT hiring managers.

Free online training reveals the Three Secret Ingredients that technical leaders use subconsciously when hiring software developers.


In this video

  1. Introduction – Why has Michal started training IT recruiters on how to hire more developers.

  2. How to increase conversions of your job descriptions by focusing on these four elements that developers like talking about.

  3. How to use some of the most confusing IT terms to your advantage while demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in the field of IT.

  4. How to attract software developers with this simple yet powerful phrase.

  5. Special offer… I’ve prepared a bundle of 8 great courses for recruiters who want to hire more software developers.

If you are serious about becoming a great IT recruiter and want to interact with developers with confidence, our IT Fundamentals for Recruiters training bundle will help you.

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