Shift in HR towards Marketing & Sales

You cannot wait any longer for the inbound applicants. You need to approach developers proactively on LinkedIn, GitHub, Slack communities et cetera.

I often talk to junior technical recruiters during a webinar or a seminar. We usually look at the shift in the HR market. We are primarily focusing on IT and software development.

You may be aware of some of the recent stats. For example, in Central Europe, there is almost zero unemployment in IT. Any developer who can code is already coding for some company.

Sometimes they even have two jobs! Often, they also have a side project.

There are five open jobs for every single developer. This demand should increase even further—by 22% by 2020.

How crazy is that?

So you can see how this impacts the whole recruitment world.

No inbound traffic

We can see HR is no longer just HR — the standard inbound recruitment shifts to marketing and sales.

In the good old days, just a few years ago, you could post a job to one of the job boards and you have received dozens of applications.

But this is no longer the case.

It still holds true today for some of the biggest, most sought after companies. The hottest companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, or Google can still be picky.

But an average company doesn’t receive dozens of applications of qualified developers anymore. Hence, we need to shift in this period. We need to do much more marketing and more sales.

At the Geekruiter Academy, we teach recruiters what does it mean. How does that impact your daily job? How can you attract developers? How do you approach them?

Approach candidates proactively

You cannot wait any longer for the inbound applicants. You need to approach them proactively on LinkedIn, GitHub, Slack communities et cetera.

How do you approach them? How do you adjust, how do you personalize the message and complement the information with something you find on GitHub?

Next, how do you sell the job? How can you sell it if you don’t know how a developer thinks? Well, there is a very little chance you can be efficient here, right?

Learn how do developers think

You need to know how do developers think, and this is why we interview technical leaders who share how do they attract developers.

How do CTOs “sell” a job to a developer? How do they know what attracts developers?

In fact, we cover these topics in one of the modules inside the Geekruiter Academy. We talk about how to get developers from an already well-paid job? To leave the well-paid job and join another company instead: your company or the company you are recruiting for.

Indeed, this has been an exciting yet challenging shift. It impacts every single technical recruiter around the world. You need to learn how to market and how to sell.

Upskill yourself

What kind of digital skills to get? How can you upskill yourself? How can you increase your competencies so that you can create an infographic? Or a little banner here and there which you can post on social media? Or maybe you can record a video to post on LinkedIn?

How do you convince them if you don’t know how do they think?

Well, you need to learn how do they think! What do they prefer?

And that’s why in the Geekruiter Academy we interview developers. So they share what attracts them.

And we share this knowledge with you, technical recruiters, IT recruiters, so you can become the best recruiter in town.

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