Launching Geek Recruiters Academy

The Geekruiter Academy is LIVE and ​open for enrollment.


The Academy is Open for Enrollment

I’m so excited as we are launching the Academy. Thanks for all the feedback, encouragement, and positive vibes, everyone!

We are a group of ex-CTOs who help recruiters understand technologies so they can hire more developers—and with confidence. Lots of recruiters struggle to source, interview, and evaluate developers.

Don’t be one of them! The Geekruiter Academy will help you to:​

  • Understand the technologies, expand your vocabulary. We give you scripts you can use to kick-start conversations with developers.

  • Attract developers. We will give you hands-on feedback on the JDs you create.

  • Evaluate candidates if they qualify technically. You’ll love this service!

We believe every recruiter in IT needs this training!

What is inside?

When you enroll, you get instant access to online video-courses with worksheets to boost your learning curve.

Lay down the foundation, learn powerful conversation starters, understand the technologies.

Unique content for technical recruiters

You cannot find this kind of study material elsewhere. We screen LinkedIn profiles to teach you what do the keywords mean. We interview developers who tell you on camera what technologies do they use and why.

Learn to write better JDs to attract more devs

As a member, you can send us your job description by email. We respond with direct feedback within 24 hours. Could there be a better way to learn and improve?

We can evaluate your candidates

As a bonus during this launch, we offer to assess 10 of your candidates. Going forward, you can also purchase credits for more technical assessments. Pay-as-you-go model to help you recruit faster, easier.

Note that although we keep onboarding more instructors, our capacity is limited.

Here's what you can do next...

If you need to fill more IT positions, or your are in touch with IT professionals, create a FREE account and activate your IT Recruiter Toolkit in no time at all.