Increase your productivity with our new Browser Extension

One of the advantages of having a strong technical background (besides being able to recruit developers) is the ability to create simple, yet powerful tools.

When we approach developers on Linkedin, we usually send them an InMail or a message.

However, the InMails are limited, and developers often skip those messages.

Hence, we also want to send the good-old emails.

Although LinkedIn doesn’t make it easy to get to a prospect’s email address, we hacked it a bit by creating a Chrome extension which enhances LinkedIn—even if you don’t have LinkedIn Recruiter account.

Here is a sneak-peek of the Geekruiter Direct Email Extension:

After you click the Email button, the extension fetches user’s email address, opens up your default email client and fills in their email address.

Pretty cool, right?

So far it’s only been us using this extension, but going forward we will also offer it as a standalone product.

Every member of Geekruiter can get this extension as a special bonus. Just log in or join today to download this extension.

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