How to use Slack communities to source developers?

Developers tend to hang out in online communities. Did you know some of them even welcome recruiters to share interesting job opportunities?

Interview w/ Jan Mikes

Jan Mikes is the CTO at Entrydo. He shared which online community on Slack is he active in and how it can be used for recruiting.

How to join?

Enter your email address to join the Pehapkari community on Slack. But keep in mind it’s a group focused on the Czech market.

You will receive an invite by email.

This is what it looks like after you log in:

What to post?

Make sure you keep it short and to the point. Remove unnecessary clutter. No need to write a laundry list of technologies.

As an example, see our teaser which we posted on LinkedIn:

What other Slack groups to join?

Slack channels are to our generation what forums were to the nineties generation.

Hashtag Developers

“The global developers community, on Slack.”

European Dev Explorer

“Learn from others devs about best European cities and ask questions. Share experiences about living and working in different European cities.”

iOS Developers

“A Slack community for iOS developers with 5,000+ members and counting. We care about three things; being open, helping each other, and sharing knowledge. If this sounds like you then request an invite. We look forward to getting to know you.”

FEDs on Slack

“We discuss a wide array of topics, including JavaScript, general front end development topics, css, angular, JS, and much more. We also have an #offtopic channel to just shoot the shit, because as it turns out, all of us FEDs have more in common than just our profession. Oh and GIFs, lots and lots of GIFs!”

Slash Rocket

“Slashrocket is a community of developers of all backgrounds. we started with a few people talking about code and have since grown to a community of more than 900 members. we work together to create projects as a group, discuss development, and provide a friendly home on the web for developers. we adhere to a code of conduct so everyone feels welcome.”

DevOps Chat

“All the admins for this channel are huge nerds. Seriously. We really love technology and work in the industry and keep our own side projects going too. Feel free to ask us anything! We’d love to hear about your suggestions and ideas.”


“Engage with founders and investors from across Europe. #EuropeanStartups facilitates discussions, Q&A’s, AMAs, feedback and braintrusts. #EuropeanStartups is hosted on Slack, which enables cross platform communication in an elegant way.” Slack

Ruby Developers

Code Newbie

Elxir Slack

Internet of things

And here’s a list of all Slack communities.

Be where the developers are.

Happy slacking, everyone! :)

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