How to rewrite a super-boring JD to an exciting one?

A company we consult for struggled to hire a backend developer, so they asked us to take a look at it.

As we are always keen to help, we wanted to see the JD first.

What we received didn’t surprise us at all:

  • Standardized requirements that don’t say a thing
  • No information about the company or their product
  • Focus on skills but not abilities & values
  • Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Please make sure you see the images below.

The original JD

Job description: This is the standard JD I received from the company’s hiring manager:

The rewritten JD — teaser

What’s most important?

1. “PHP Developer” + “written in Symfony”

This is the most important part of the JD. We only need to mention the primary programming language (which is PHP) and the framework used (Symfony).

2. “a funded startup with an MVP”

This is VERY important info for those developers who prefer working in a startup environment.

3. “it’s likely you learn how to build a company along the way”

A startup is all about learning and personal growth. We need to attract people who are attracted to this kind of environment.

And what else?

4. “Location”

Is it full-time or part-time? How many home-office days are allowed?

5. “Contract”

Does the developer need to join 100% full-time, or a part-time contract is allowed?

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