How to attract developers?

I'm often asked during webinars "How do I attract developers?" So here's a video explaining it briefly.


Based on our countless discussions with developers over the years, there are these reasons why they look down at recruiters:

I’m often asked, “How to attract developers?” So here’s a video explaining it briefly:

1. Recruiter

It all starts with a knowledgeable technical recruiter.

2. Job description

Make it look cool. Present the company through a video instead of a boring, long job description.

3. Company

What’s interesting about the company? What customers’ problems do they focus on?

4. Team

Who are the teammates? Are there any A-players?

5. Tech stack

What technology do they use? Best practices adopted?

6. Legacy… not

Can we highlight the fact there is not much legacy? (i.e. in a young company)

7. Experience over $$

Can we highlight the fact there is an endless opportunity for growth?

8. Office location

Forget the table tennis, focus on what matters daily: commute time, office location.

9. Compensation

Let’s not forget that money matters. Communicate clearly.

Here's what you can do next...

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