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A few weeks ago, due to the lockdown, my wife has started watching a new series on Netflix called Lucifer. It's about a devil who is walking on Earth and keeps asking people "What's your deepest desire?"

My wife loves this series!

Anyway, that question reminds me that we—recruiters—also need to ask candidates what do THEY desire!

Probably not in such a creepy way as Lucifer... but still.

Hence, we designed and created new T-shirts to help you have meaningful discussions with IT candidates—especially now when we mostly have video calls and CAN wear casual T-shirt like this:

SURPRISE! You can get this T-shirt completely FREE shipped and delivered to your home or office.

The only thing I would ask you in return is to refer my upcoming online class to one of your colleagues or friends (HR managers, TA specialists, recruiters, headhunters).

Then, just send me an email and let me know who have you referred by sending an email to If they enroll in the class, we'll send you one of the T-shirts that match your style (male/female) and size (of course!).

Have fun while recruiting IT candidates!

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