Candidates From Facebook

Matus set up a recruitment campaign on social media for one of our clients and we're seeing great results already! See below...

  • 24 candidates filled in a contact form
  • 13,711 people watched a segment of the video

When I checked in with Matus to see his biggest takeaways from this campaign, he mentioned:

1. We need to be mindful about the budget so we don't spend hundreds or thousands of euros on low-performing Ads. 

Hence, it's essential to have some checks and monitoring in place to ensure the budget stays in line.

2. Facebook is constantly introducing changes in their interface. Apparently, they also practice Agile software development with DevOps practices ;) and release new features constantly.

I'm so grateful for Matus who keeps his fingers on the pulse and studies the latest marketing techniques to make this work!

With that in mind, we now have the capacity to onboard two new clients. So, if you need to get more IT candidates fast, Facebook and LinkedIn ads are a great way how to achieve great results. 


If you are working in an AGENCY, we can set this up for you and someone in your team will just screen the new candidates.

If you are a BUSINESS hiring Tech talents in-house, we can also pre-screen incoming IT candidates for you so you save time.

Let us help you set this up, fill in a contact form on this page.

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